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Community Arts Council

The Farmville Community Arts Council is a vibrant community organization dedicated to fostering artistic expression in Farmville, NC. Comprising enthusiastic and talented citizens, this council serves as a catalyst for a diverse range of artistic endeavors, including art exhibitions, drama performances, music concerts, and dance events. Beyond just a collection of individuals, the Arts Council has established a presence in the heart of downtown Farmville, utilizing several buildings as creative hubs.

We are home to an active theatre program. Through collaborative productions, individuals from diverse backgrounds come together, forging connections and friendships that strengthen the social bonds within the town. We are also home to the Emily Monk Davidson Gallery which serves as a haven for art enthusiasts and a beacon for emerging and established artists alike. 

Fred Austin


Hours vary, please contact. 


3723 and 3725 N Main Street
Farmville, NC 27828
(252) 753-3832