Storywalk sparks curiosity and creativity

June 17, 2024 / Donna Williams

A partnership between Farmville Parks and Recreation and the N.C. Cooperative Extension has produced a new unique storywalk in Farmville, NC for members of the community to enjoy 

The storywalk, located at J.Y.Monk Park, Park St., received the new addition April 4 and was installed with the help of Farmville Parks and Recreation director Diane White, The Boys and Girls Club of Farmville unit director Angelina Thompson, and N.C. Cooperative Extension regional nutrition extension associate Jackie Sugg. 

The storywalk features nine panels containing different pages of a book. Along with the story, each page features a unique activity prompt inspiring to get children and their adults to move and get active. 

“It encourages reading, thinking, creativity and critical thinking,” Sugg said.

“We want the kids to bring their adults with them. We want the adults to be active too.”

Panels were placed strategically encouraging participants to walk around the park. 

“It is a great opportunity for children and their families to come out and read stories together while getting some exercise. It’s a great opportunity to partner with the Boys and Girls Club and N.C. Cooperative Extension,” White said. 

Books featured on the storywalk will be changed based on community feedback, Sugg said. 

Books can also be created by members in the community and placed along the panels. 

This feature will be an asset to the members of the Boys and Girls Club, Thompson said. 

“Having them be able to relate to their own work and by having it displayed allows them to see themselves as authors or artists. They love to read something they wrote themselves,” Thompson said, adding she has seen firsthand the sparks and interest members have when reading their own work to their peers or from reading their peers’ work. 

April 4 storywalk was the first installment for the N.C. Cooperative Extension and the only one currently planned for Pitt County. The storywalk also is the beginning of their pilot program as part of the Steps of Health program, which provided funding for the storywalk. Storywalks will also be installed in Bertie and Martin Counties. 

The choice for placing the storywalk in Farmville, North Carolina was due in part to its people. 

“Farmville is an amazing place because there are so many people that want to do good work,” Sugg said. 

For more information about the storywalk in Farmville, North Carolina or to submit contributions contact Sugg at 919-827-2285 or