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Farmville Art Trail

The Farmville Art Trail is a free self-guided tour within the confines of downtown Farmville highlighting the town’s many public art installations and arts organizations.

The Art Trail meanders through downtown Farmville stretching from the Community Center (3886 S. Main Street) to the Oliver Murphey Park (3476 North Main Street). It showcases larger- than-life murals, ghost signs, sculptures, galleries, and studios, with opportunities to shop and eat along the way. Each stop along the Art Trail is accompanied by a QR code which connects to audio recordings by the artists and local experts, making the public art come to life. The QR codes are strategically placed on utility poles or marker stands each point of interest.

The Art Trail is a self-guided tour which can be undertaken at any time. Maps are available at the Farmville Public Library


Open at all times


Various locations in Farmville.